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KATAL (IKDS) was designed for the military and for law enforcement but is also adaptable to civilian purposes. As an innovator, IKDS is actively pursuing its mission of preparing civilians in as limited a time as possible for the dangers of modern urban life.

In situations where one is confronted with violence or verbal aggression, fear is the primary emotion driving our actions. Fear is a natural response of our brain and it affects our entire body.

Fear is aroused by a perceived danger and it prepares us to confront the danger, flee from it or " if possible " hide from it. This is called the fight-flight-or-hide response. The physiological reactions triggered by fear prepare our body to deal with the threat and help us to avoid similar dangerous situations in the future.

However, the latter isn't always possible. Violence and verbal aggression are unfortunately an integral part of our society. To face these hazards IKDS has created a highly realistic self defense system that is based on the natural reflexes of our body. Anybody can learn these techniques, regardless of age, sex or body type.

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