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Katal for law enforcement – together with Advanced Krava Maga Systems (AKMS) – uses elaborate scenarios to prepare police officers for confrontations they’ll likely encounter in the field (domestic disputes, the arrest of one or more perpetrators, stop and search, etc.)

Every law enforcement officer is aware of the importance to perform his duty within the regulatory boundaries as set by elected officials. But does one really know how to deal with stress in real-life situations?

Law enforcement officers must possess an enormous amount of self control to remain levelheaded in even the most demanding situations while at the same time exerting the authority bestowed on them by the community in a responsible manner. This being said, a police officer remains a human being with all the strengths and shortcomings inherent in human nature.

Self defense techniques and the use of scenarios are indispensable to prepare law enforcement officers for the challenges they’ll face when protecting themselves, their colleagues and law abiding citizens.

E.g. escalating verbal abuse :

In this scenario we will examine the most effective way of calming the aggressor or neutralizing him (or her) when the confrontation becomes violent. At the same time we’ll deal with feelings of annoyance or revenge that will be experienced by the police officer towards the aggressor.

Katal – combined with AKMS – is a methodology developed to meet the needs of law enforcement officers.

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