Businesses face many challenges. Good cohesion between the different teams and departments is therefore essential. In this context, it is important to strengthen the links between employees while promoting team spirit.

team building

This is where the Katal is useful to your business by providing you with team buildings that allow your teams to strengthen their ties and achieve common goals. The Katal focuses its training on surpassing oneself and managing situations using serious, fun and physical education accessible to all. The proposed techniques are effective, simple to set up and are based on current and concrete scenarios. This is the perfect opportunity to combine the improvement of the professional and personal capacities of your employees

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In order to meet your needs, we offer you different formulas available everywhere in Belgium


The annual formula is perfect for a team building.It takes place for 4 hours and can accommodate between 10 and 200 people.

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Weekly or monthly

These formulas allow your employees to progress regularly, to repeat techniques in order to make them automatic, but also to practice regular physical activity.

They can accommodate 10 to 30 participants for 1 hour for the weekly formula, and 10 to100 participants for 2 hours for the monthly formula.

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