Ngombo Willy

Founder - Instructor trainer

Police Inspector

+32 476 720 227

Private lessons are also possible starting from 70 € per person (with a maximum of 2 people).
The annual membership fee (including insurance and a training t-shirt) is 50 €.
Please note that a certificate of good conduct is required for registration.

My secret?

I fell into it when I was little!! Combat sports have always been my passion. I have been practicing boxing since I was 16 years old. I started to practice Brazilian Jiu JITSU. Today, I am a brown belt.

Always eager to progress and discover new disciplines in the field of combat sports, I subsequently began training in Krav Maga. Today, with this experience, intensive training and rigorous training, I reached the rank of Instructor. This experience and these trainings not only allowed me to gain confidence in the practice of these sports, but also in my job as a police officer.

In 2006, Willy became a Bodyguard and Close Protection Instructor following an intensive internship in Israel. He received his diploma from Gabi NOAH and Avi MOYAL.

In 2007, he is patented by the Federal Police of Belgium as a specialist in mastering violence with firearms and in Tactical Intervention Technique. Willy NGOMBO also holds an ADEPS patent.

Katal Police and Advanced Krav Maga has put in place a methodology aimed at supplementing the situational needs of police and military personnel.

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